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5th Hole at Bluebay Resort-Curacao 2015

What services we provide

  • Boutique Golf Bags
  • Unique Golf Products
  • Youth Golf Clinics
  • Pro-Am Team information for events across the world
  • Tournament Management services.
  • Feature your golf event on the most visited Native North American Golf site in the world.
  • Promote Health Living through the lens of golf.
  • Build your brand through our online advertising section.
  • Build your brand through golf products- Tour bags, team bags, golf accessories.
  • Promote your Nation to the world through our online Golf Channel.
  • Develop your junior program to assist and help build future leaders by learning integrity and respect.
  • Provide Keynote presentations to youth groups, health organization and school boards.
  • Teach Cultural awareness through the sport of golf- How the rules are incorporated for safety and well being.

Golf Blog 2015 

With the growing popularity of Golf in Native North America and the decline in youth programs. Its very important to get your youth started at an early age. I get alot of questions from parents on when to start kids playing golf. The more important question is, do they have equipment fitted for them and are they strong enough to swing the club. All of these things are important factors to think about before you set foot onto a golf course. Some suggestions i can give you and your golfing family.

  • Make sure to go to a driving range and let your child swing the golf club on what they feel is right. As long as they are making a swinging motion, you can always work on the rest as they get stronger and start to develop a love for the game. 
  • Spend some time renting a riding golf cart and take them for rides on the golf course. Talk with your children on safety and different aspects of the game. The golf cart will be a fun way to learn what to look for and give you something to look forward to the next golf round. 
  • Make sure the kids learn about the rules of the game prior to teeing off on a regular golf course. These rules will help them in all aspects of their young life. Teach them about tee blocks and what a slice does and speak golf lingo, they learn fast. 
  • Always have fun, enjoy time on the golf course with your family and friends. Try different golf courses and talk about the game at the dinner table when it permits.

Stephen Tooshkenig- President

St. Golf travelling to Curacao Open in 2015- SOLD OUT

Bluebay 2015

Are you an avid golfer looking for the next big tournament. St Golf has two spots available on a pro-am team headed to Curacao in 2015. If your Tribe or Organization is interested in attending this event. Send an email to focusonthefairway@stgolf.ca for further information. This tournament is a team format competing against other players the same caliber and the professionals will play against other professionals from all over the world. The world is your playground when you love to play golf!!

First Nation Golf Clinics in 2015 

DCF Golf Clinic 2013

Locations Booked to date: California- Florida- Canada-

Mentoring and teaching have all been given to us by Creator. We will be visiting many Nations teaching youth and adults the game of golf. We have been fortunate to travel and meet so many talented youth and golfers all across North America. If you love golf and would like to have a golf clinic for your youth and Nation please send us all the details and we will feature your Nation, your youth through our online golf channel.

Please contact us at focusonthefairway@stgolf.ca for more information.

St Golf Inc. Management Services

Focus on the Fairway- St Golf Inc.

If you or your company is looking to build a successful golf event in North America contact St. Golf Management services. St. Golf Inc. has been working in the golf industry for 15 years as playing professionals hosting Gala events and organizing large events. Let St Golf Management services take care of your golfing needs. Why do companies select golf management services, simply stated, it allows your organization to focus on your mandate. Let us take care of the golf. For more information on St Golf Management services contact focusonthefairway@stgolf.ca


CM GOLF Brian Trottier

Cheryl and Steve continue to pursue a legacy of allowing golfers from all over North America share in the love of golf. Cheryl and Steve provide keynote presentations for your business. Focused on the Fairway is the foundation of success for the company and the golfers and businesses it serves. We speak with Youth Groups, North American Tribes, Health Programs. Benefits of Healthy Living through Focus and determination. For more information contact  focusonthefairway@stgolf.ca 



Team ONtario Golf Pic

Proverbs 4:25

Let your eyes look directly forward, and your gaze be straight before you.

St. Golf President delivers message to youth about having vision and determination

Stephen Tooshkenig shared his message about determination and vision to a group of fifty youth at the St. Vincent De Paul camp in Southwestern Ontario Canada. Stephen shared some of his life setbacks and what it takes to remain focused on the tasks needed to succeed. Steve has shared his message across Canada and United States to youth groups, First Nations and North American tribes. His determination to share hope, opportunity and vision through the game of golf is a course record worth achieving. Steve continues to speak to youth and communities about finding the strength needed inside and the courage to execute the golf shot even when everyone wants you to play safe. If your interested in having Steve visit your community go to the Contact page and send all your information.

Focus on the Fairway 2015-St. Golf

“Focus on the Fairway”

Thank you for visiting ST GOLF Inc. Within these pages you will find information on tournaments throughout North America and amazing golf products that will help you develop your golf game. We appreciate you taking the time to look over our site and please feel free to send us any tournament related information. Our goal is to grow the game of golf North American wide and encourage youth and golfers alike to stay focused on the fairway.

Steve W Tooshkenig- President ST GOLF INC. 2015 ©



Stephen W. Tooshkenig

I built this company to bring more awareness for a sport that has truly changed my life-personally, professionally and culturally. Golf had me better understand the importance of integrity for the game and the players you compete against. It has been an honor to bring you golf related information through media and other forms of networking. We want to reach all golfers North American wide and build leaders through the sport of golf. Golf has grown rapidly through Native North America now is the time to build on that success. Success is believing in your God given talent to help others, we have been blessed to have so many friends, let us all continue to bless others through our talents.

“Always be a blessing for the Creator has given you many talents”

Stephen W Tooshkenig- steve@stgolf.ca


Cheryl and Steve continue to pursue a legacy of allowing golfers from all over North America share in the love of golf. Cheryl and Steve provide keynote presentations for your business. Focused on the Fairway is the foundation of success for the company and the golfers and businesses it serves. For more information please contact- steve@stgolf.ca


Vice President- ST GOLF Inc. 2014

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